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Monday, July 8, 2013

"Letters to Katie," by Kathleen Fuller

This is another installment in the Middlefield Family Series focusing on Katherine and Johnny as well as Cora and Sawyer and Laura. The storyline of Sawyer and his Grandmother continues with the strife caused by Sawyer's announcement of joining the Amish church and marrying Laura. Grandma Cora, upon finding out that she has Parkinson's Disease, tries even harder to get Sawyer to move to New York and take over his "legacy". Sawyer, being set on marrying Laura refuses and the battle rages on.

Johnny is finally able to buy an old run down farm that he is dreaming of fixing up and starting a horse farm. Soon after he purchases the land, he loses his job. Looking at a possible investor gets him in a mess with Laura who has contracted an illness that makes her lose her short-term memory. Without giving too much away, I believe the reader will be OK with where the author takes this couples relationship and the end result...I know I was.

Kathleen Fuller has written another great book. The characters are interesting and fun to get to know. The story lines fit within the Amish lifestyle and beliefs so that the reader feels they are reading about real families and relationships. I also didn't feel like I was in the dark as the what was covered in the former books of the series. Having missed one of them, Ms. Fuller gave me enough background that I did not feel lost. With most books, that are part of a series, I want more. I want to continue, now, reading about these characters and not have to wait for the next book to be published. To me that is the sign of a great book.

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