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This blog was started because of a contract I have with who allow regular people the opportunity to read Christianity based books and blog about them. The books are free only requiring a brief (250 word) review. The review is an honest one as I see it. I will also include some personal observations and life lessons and maybe even step on a soap box now and again. I hope my reviews are helpful as well as my life lessons. May God bless you all the way He has blessed me. Please leave comments (politely) and follow me so that I can continue to do what I love.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Left at the Altar", by Kimberley Kennedy

Kimberley offers an open and honest account of, every woman's worst nightmare, being left at the altar. Kimberley allows herself the time to go through all the stages of grief, spelling them out for the reader. She also shares with us the embarrassment of returning to work and facing friends and family. She addresses how to not let the rejection define who you are and your future. Throughout the book are the words that God has given us to soothe, heal and soften the shattered heart.

Guys, don't be fooled by the cover, this is also a book for you to read and maybe learn something about the female in your life. I feel that is what makes this book so good is that anyone can find help inside its covers. Wether it is a heartbreak from a death, the end of a relationship or if you are the one who was left at the altar, this book offers help, hope and understanding.

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