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This blog was started because of a contract I have with who allow regular people the opportunity to read Christianity based books and blog about them. The books are free only requiring a brief (250 word) review. The review is an honest one as I see it. I will also include some personal observations and life lessons and maybe even step on a soap box now and again. I hope my reviews are helpful as well as my life lessons. May God bless you all the way He has blessed me. Please leave comments (politely) and follow me so that I can continue to do what I love.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Death and Taxes

Death and taxes seems like a strange title, however, since I have been contemplating both recently, I figured it fit. Lets begin with death. How many of us will be worth more when we die than at this very moment? Yep, my hand went up. I have the best financial advisor and have made some very sound investments. Am I worth a million or two, NOT. I do know that in 22 1/2 years, though, I will be living at least the same life as now or maybe twice as good depending on social security. Now, most would say, great for you. Good planning. You saved for retirement, wonderful! However, I sit here, deep in debt and wondering how I am going to survive until I turn 65 and can actually touch the money.

God will provide! Yes, he has taken care of the birds, fish, deer, etc. They do not need clothes, food or shelter because God takes care of all of that for them. I understand and I beleive what that passage is saying. However, until manna falls from the sky and my clothes stop wearing out, I may have a little bit of concern. I have two wonderful parents who are helping me with items I have needed for my house and I have two more wonderful friends who have helped me out with financial gifts now and again (unsolicited). I just can't help but be concerned when my credit card is carrying a balance that cannot be paid in full in the next 6 months and my income is reliant on the government.

This brings me to taxes. Now, I used to work for a tax preparer and have prepared taxes (short form) for others. However, that was almost 25 years ago. So I have no idea at all what will happen when I file for this year. I have income that was untaxed because of self-employment and I bought a home. I can hear you all saying, "Go hire someone to do your taxes." Who? I have heard good and bad from many about some of the larger preparers and the more private companies, I cannot afford. So who do I get and what happens if I have to pay... GOD WILL PROVIDE! I have to remember that.

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